Carole Lombard enjoying a sandwich in True Confession (1937)

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Paul Newman with photographer Sanford Roth’s cat, Louis XIV, 1956.

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Really, half this business is putting a rectangle around things. Put a square around something someone is looking at and he’ll say in surprise, “Oh, how beautiful.” And I don’t think it’s the photographer who provides the square. I do. - David Lean

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Michelangelo Antonioni and Monica Vitti, c. 1960

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Katharine Hepburn in “The Philadelphia Story”, 1940.

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While vacationing at a Santa Barbara ranch circa 1951, Ava Gardner found time to distract the ranch’s German Shepard watchdog from his duties.

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 asked: Preston Sturges

Favorite film: The Lady Eve (1941)

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El secreto de sus ojos (2013) dir. Juan josé campanella 

(requested by anonymous)

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Vivre sa Vie (1962) dir. Jean-Luc Godard

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Jessica Lange by Steven Klein for W Magazine, September 2014

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